Welcome to Ram's Realm

I would like to thank all who helped me make this site i.e. my mom, teachers, and friends. It was originally for a school project but I continued it. Most content is very old and I'm going to be making a new site about my journey to Deerfield Academy which is the highschool I am going to be living at. Please feel free to read stuff and leave comments so I know what people did and did not like. I also apologize for incompleteness, my 6th grade mind was very incomplete.   : )

Welcome to My Super, Awesome Realm

Hello, my name is Ramsay.

This is Me, Ramsay

This is my site. As most of you know my name is Ramsay. I go to school at Nativity Prep and my teacher Mr. Cushing recomended Weebly to me. To all Rock fans I salute you. /_\ My website creation process was fun. First I decided to put vids then games and so on. I built this sight so I could review games and books for people who want good titles. Also I want to be known as Ramsay: Coolest Web Master Ever. So I hope you enjoy the site. If you want me to review a game or book for you so you don't have to buy a bad book or game just e-mail me at: ramsayyoung.nativity@gmail .com  Well I hope you enjoy the site. Oh yeah that sign up there is the E-Rock sign.

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